Thursday, March 15, 2007

All Things Green

It's almost St. Patricks Day.... and I'm celebrating early. Well, sort of. These are some green shortbreads, with green icing and green sprinkles that I made this afternoon for my Sparks St. Patricks Day party. They will love them, what 5 year old would love a green, sugary cookie?

Next up, remember Ariann? Well, she did get frogged completely last week this time, and I did say there would be no progress pics for fear of being hexed, but how could I not include it in my All things Green post. It just seemed too fitting. I also wanted you to know that yes, I still do knit.
People are probably starting to think that this was a quilting blog. A more appropriate title would have been something like Crazy Crafy Lady!!! Oh well. I am very pleased with the way Ariann is coming along. First of all, much faster. I guess when you know the pattern, and you are actually doing the raglan decreases so that the sweater is actually decreasing, it all helps. Plus I have been knitting a lot. I really want it done. It won't be long now! My calendar quilt top is done, but every time I try to upload the picture it is sideways, and I just can't figure it out. Now I just have to sandwich it, and quilt it. I am picking up a walking foot this weekend on my big excursion to the city, so the quilting part should happen early next week. Also have to quilt my Tidly Winks quilt. I backed it with some bright and swirly patterned flannel, and it's already been sandwiched and also tied with some pretty pink embroidery floss. But it to will get some quilting, and that too awaits the new walking foot. Look out next week, there will be lots of walking happening!!!!

Well I must sign off for now, more crafty goodness to come (maybe even tonight!). I have Sparks and then I'm going to my weekly Scrapping group. Birthday cards are on my list for tonight, so we'll see if there's any finished products when I get home. AND the best part of today being Thursday....... it's GREY'S ANATOMY DAY, and I've also confirmed with my tv guide menu that it is NOT a rerun!!!!!! I really should get out more! Bye for now!

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JanuaryOne Cara said...

So glad to see Ariann is back on track!!! YAY!!