Sunday, March 4, 2007

OK Krista I'm Blogging.... happy?

So here I am, finally giving in and becoming one of all you other nutty knit bloggers. I was going to start, and then I wasn't. I though too much of a chore, but I decided to give it a go. What a great way to communicate with other knit bloggers and also to showcase your own work. I am actually hoping that by blogging, I will actually take more pics and keep them more organized of all of my projects, WIP's and all of my future projects (that list is really long, so I won't include it here, at least yet!). So Krista (my cousin) and I were chatting the other night, and discussing our current projects, and she let the cat out of the bag, that she's started a blog, well, I could not be shown up by the person who laughed at me when I started knitting. She teased me, and called me granny, but I just smiled and said, as I do to many non-knitters. "Knitting is the new Yoga". She laughed, and about 48 hours later we were picking out a book and yarn for her first scarf!!!! HA! I won! I, myself have not been knitting that long, and certainly do not consider myself an expert by any means. I dibbled and dabbled, but now I think I am becoming a serious knit junkie.... you know what I mean..... I have an actual stash, a knitting/ craft room, I am addicted to ready numerous knit blogs, and find myself pretty much obsessed. Which bring s me to my next topic of conversation. Yes, I do have somewhat of an obsessive personality, or so I've been told (no, I'm not a stalker!), but I just get addicted to everything, I mean I start knitting, and I love it, I start sewing, I love it, I start Quilting, I love it, so basically I need not go on...... I just love stuff, and when I get into it, I just really get into it! Enough of that stuff. Right now I don't have any pics to post, but I'll get to that soon. Current projects that I am working on are Ariann, she's almost done, and I can't wait to wear her. Also working on the second sock of the Bells and Whistle socks from the Holiday 2006 Interweave Knits. Current sewing project is a Calendar Quilt. Pics to come soon.

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