Monday, May 28, 2007

Finally a Finished Project!

It seems that it's been a while since I've finished any knitting projects, but finally I do have something to show! My Monkey's are done. I love them. They are the best fitting socks that I have knit myself so far. The Sea Wool is so nice and soft, and really seems like it will wear well. The pattern goes well with the varigation in the yarn. I will definitely be buying more Sea Wool.

I had a very busy weekend. My mom and I went to a quilting technique class all day on Saturday. It was great. We didn't make anything pretty, but we did learn a lot, and also had fun too, so well worth the 3 hour drive to attend. On Sunday we both sandwiched quilts that we are working on. It's so much better to work together, and well, lets just say I never would have been able to get done what I did without Mom's help. Mom's are just the best! Picture are to come, when the quilts are completely done. I still have some more quilting to do on mine, and Mom has to quilt hers entirely.

Today, I am home from work as I am feeling very yucky. I know I am sick when I don't sew or knit or anything all day. I am up and about now, but can't really commit to any one project, so I'll leave it all until I feel better. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have my creative mojo back!

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Anonymous said...

just hurry and get better and get back to quilting and knitting and having fun.....