Monday, June 18, 2007

More Monkey's Part 2

Finally, I've finished my Mini Monkey's. These took me longer than usual to knit. I'll blame it on not having much time to knit because of other things. I've been working on a secret project, which will be revealed soon, as well as the whole buying a house thing. So at long last here they are:

(yes, I know this picture is upside down!)

The yarn is Fleece Artist Merino in Seastorm, and of course the pattern is Monkey. Boy, there sure are a lot of Monkey's going around the blogosphere these days. Oh yeah, these babies are for me! (I've become a bit of a selfish knitter!).

So, Sockapalooza. No, I have not forgotten about it, and I know I was supposed to start my sock pal socks several weeks ago, and I actually did, the yarn just fell through. I just hated it, and it didn't work with the pattern.... basically I just wasn't feelin' the love, so I frogged. Now I have the yarn, the pattern decided for sure, and I'm not changing my mind. Really, I am not! I have chosen Sweetpea from the latest Knitty. I really want to make sure that I knit something my pal hasn't knit before, so I thought something hot off the presses was sure to win. These socks are kinda freaking me out a little, not for the difficulty of the pattern or anything, just the fact that my sock pal considers herself a sock pro, and she even designs her own patterns. Yikes. What if my knitting isn't up to her standards? What if I make a mistake that I don't pick up on? What if my socks just plain suck? Oh my.... out comes my paranoid imagination. Ok, the socks will be great, my pal will love them. (I'm trying to tell myself to relax!). I have started the Sweetpea's, and so far so good. I like the pattern, but it is one that I have to watch the chart, so it may be slow going. I found Monkey just so easy to memorize, I can now knit them with no pattern at all. I don't have a picture yet (it's dark, and I'm lazy), but there will be a progress shot coming soon. I promise!

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