Friday, March 30, 2007

Ironic Doggie Project

Ok..... so first off, I haven't died or run away. I've just been around, but not blogging. I have been doing lots of crafty stuff though. I don't have lots of pics but more to come tomorrow. Anyways, you're probably wondering what the Ironic Doggie Project is all about right??? Well, just this afternoon we (DB and I) were laughing at our dog Macallan, about how cute and funny he is - not to mention spoiled. Anyways, when he is lounging, which is most of the time, he lies on the couch with his head right on the cushion - just like a person. I said we should get him his own pillow. He already has a big, huge doggie pillow bed, but as he thinks he's human too, he gets the couch for his lounging time. We actually have to either sit somewhere else, or kick him off. It's really quite funny. So, later today on my travels through Wal-Mart I found the cutest doggie print fabric, and what made it better it was dirt cheap. Light bulb went off in my brain - this would make the best couch sized pillow, what was great was I didn't even have to buy a pillow. I just covered an ugly one I was hiding (you know..... the ones that go with the hand-me-down couch that your Grandmother gave you and you slip covered immediately and bought new cushions and hid the others for a day just like today!!!) . So I came home a whipped up a little doggie pillow.HE LOVES IT. Check it out!!!!

In other news. I have been working on lots of different projects this week. You know when you just can't stick with one thing. It's kinda like ADD but the crafty variety. So I've been tinkering at the Bells and Whistles socks (now officially labeled my back burner knit), I started my Handmaiden Jane sweater. I am really loving the yarn, its soft and silky and colorway is great. I love the little brown flecks that just happen really randomly. BUT, the knitting is B-O-R-I-N-G. It's all stockinette and I guess after Ariann it's like a let down. I just loved knitting Ariann so much, actually so much that I have already ordered the yarn for Ariann #2, a 3/4 length sleeve cotton in a cream color. Yay. So I will trudge though Jane.... I love the sweater so I just have to keep looking at the pattern picture and crave wearing it. So, Jane has been labeled my I'm not in the mood to concentrate on anything, but need to have hands moving knit. Calender quilt is still going, but soooooo almost done. It's been quilted, and today I made and sewed the binding on, so now I'm just doing the hand stitching on the back (a good tv watching activity, when I get sick of Jane!). My goal is to have this one done and put away before the end of the weekend. It will be gifted, to who I have no idea, but it will come in handy some day. I like it, but it doesn't really go with my modern decor. If I ever change my style to country I'll be in luck!!! As if I didn't have enough things going on I finally cast on the socks for DB. These socks have been promised for months now, so in an effort not to be a selfish knitter I decided it was time. They are going along very well, I'm almost done sock 1. The pattern is an old school Patons booklet, and I'm using dark grey Patons Kroy sock yarn. I am really liking the way they look. They have ribs and cables.... I think they'll be nice. I told V he would have to show them off, so he'd have to wear them with shorts and sandals!!!!! NOT. These socks I'm also hoping to wrap up this weekend. And last, just when you were thinking could this girl have anything else in progress. I did start my Paisley Quilt, the one I blogged about last week, when I bought the fabric. I cut it all out on Sunday afternoon, and had most of it assembled by Sunday night. It was kind of addictive. I really am into the paisley applique pieces. But, this is when I got a little carried away, or maybe some would classify it as just plain nuts. Instead of machine stitching around all the paisley pieces and dots with mono filament thread, I had the brilliant idea of using gold. But not just gold machine sewing. I decided to hand sew with a herringbone stitch. Yes! I am NUTS. It probably will take forever, I have maybe 25 or 30% of the hand sewing done, so in time it will be done. It's not a rush. There is no real purpose for this project, just that I liked the pattern and found some inspiring fabrics. So, we'll see what happens.

Whew, I tired just blogging about all of that, besides doing it all. Ha Ha.... I guess you all know what I'm doing this weekend. So off I go, to ice my cupcakes and knit something and watch a chick flick! Happy Friday all.

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Hi Lindsay,

Changing your blog template is quite easy. I just googled stuff I
wanted to change. There are lots of people publishing how to's. It's been awhile since I changed up some things, so I don't remember off the top of my head. I'll see if I can dig up some helpful info for you. I'll get back to you later today.

Can you send me an email betty AT knittingbetty DOT com? So that I can respond directly?