Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lots Of Finished Projects!

Ok, so it's almost been a week, but boy have I been busy. Friday I left and went home to visit my parents. My mom and I did so much shopping. We did a whole redecorating overhaul of her family room, and of course I did get some crafty shopping in too!!!! I am happy to report that no new yarn was purchased!!!! I bought some scrapbooking stuff, like new acrylic stamps, and some other goodies too. I bought 2 new presser feet for my sewing machine so that I could finally quilt, for real. So as a result the Tiddly Winks quilt is done. I am so pleased with it, especially since it's my first quilt. I know that my sister is going to love it. I just can't wait to hear what she has to say!!!! Next up, I bought a new duvet cover, on sale!!!! The old white one just wasn't cutting it, black doggie who is shedding his winter coat like crazy and whit duvet cover - do not equal anything good. Trust me. So I bought a green one, King size, just one thing, I don't actually have a king size bed, but it was such a good price and I'm crafty so I figured I'll just modify it and then I'll have some extra fabric to use, and now I have a really good excuse to buy king size pillows!!! He he he! So, I must say, it all worked out very well. I am pleased at the result, and can't wait to try out the new king size pillows.

Next up, very exciting news!!!! Ariann is done. I finished her on the drive back home (don't worry, I wasn't actually driving!). I gave her a bath on Monday night and set her up for blocking. It took until this morning for her to dry, and then I finished her up, by sewing on the buttons , and of course trying it on and modeling. Please excuse the fact that none of the pictures have my head in them, but at this point in the day I had showered, but not dried my hair. I am so very pleased with the result. I had to frog twice, but it was worth it. All in all, after the second time I frogged it only took about a week to knit, but that was crazy knitting. Thanks so much to Cara at January One . I don't think I could have done it without her. Those raglan decreases can really get you if you don't take into account the lace pattern as well. I am already thinking about what yarn to buy to do another one in a light color and cotton, for summer wear.

So, of course with most of my current projects wrapped up, I need some new ones right???? Of course! so now I am planning the next quilt! I am going to use the Amy Butler Jolly Pack that I purchased from The Fat Quarter Shop, and the rest of the fabric from the duvet cover. The greens and picked up in almost all the fabrics, so I think it will be really nice. Here's a picture of the blocks in the planning process.

Whew! See I told you I was busy! I also have my calendar quilt done, and ready to quilt, but at this moment not pictures.

My mom came to visit today, and this is what she brought me. Some beautiful wooden Easter Eggs. I love them, they really put me in the spring mood, except that it snowed today and is currently -12 celcuis! Oh well, hopefully spring is one the way!

Well, after all that.... I'm tired and must go, Wednesday is my usual knitting night, so I'm going to work on my Bells and Whistles socks, and wait for the mailman to bring my Handmaiden Jane Sweater Kit. Bye for now!


Mom said...

Awesome work Lindsay. You never cease to amaze me. You are a chip off the old block......your quilting Aunties and your Nanny will be so proud of you - not to say how proud I am. The sweater is so beautiful and the quilts are great. You have inspired me - I am going to make a quilt.

Krista said...

Oh my god... I was desperate for an update, and boy, did I get my wish! Ariann is BEE-YOOO-TEE-FULLLLL, as is that gorgeous quilt. I am too busy marking this week to be crafty or knitty but I look forward to when life is back to normal and I can be creative!!! Chat soon!

Cara said...

Ariann looks FANTASTIC! I'm so so glad it all worked out for you! Thank you for letting me know. Wear her proud!