Thursday, March 8, 2007

Oh Mr. Postman......

Oh I was so glad to see the mail man today.... Finally my charm packs have arrived from The Fat Quarter Shop. Yay!!!!! The charm packs are so pretty, and I am especially excited about the Amy Butler fabric. Oh what to make? I'm sure some will be gifted projects, but the Amy Butler squares will definitely be making some thing for me.

As for my Ariann progress...... well, you see there's been negative progress. Yes that means Ariann went into frogging and did not recover well at all. After our frogging session, and the tears were all mopped up, all that was left of her were two sleeves (which may or may not be frogged as well) and a mountain of olive colored Andean Silk. So I wasted no time and cast her on again..... I am thinking that this is my opportunity to make her even better. Actually that's me just trying to make myself feel better about the whole incident. I am not taking any progress pics as it might be bad luck. I will say that I did get some great advice on the raglan shaping from Cara at January One. She was most helpful, and said that she struggled with the same thing. So I didn't feel quite so bad, as I do consider Cara to be an expert knitter, unlike myself.

In other knitterly news, I was very excited to finally find somewhere that actually has the HandMaiden Jane Pullover Kit in stock, and in a color I like. So I ordered it, and a skein of Fleece Artist sock yarn as well. I figured if I was ordering, I should really make it worth my while.... plus it made me feel better after the whole Ariann incident. But now I really need to get it done so I will be able to devote all of my love and attention to Jane, when she arrives.

In other crafty news, my calendar quilt is coming along well, just 2 more applique blocks left to do and then I can add the last row what I have sewn together already. Then I just have to get the two borders done and put it all together. I won't be putting it together until at least Tuesday when I go to my quilting group, so that my friend Lori will be able to help me. This is really my first time, so I want to get it right. Sorry that this pic is sideways, I can't get it to work, so just tip your head when viewing!!!!! Don't stay in that position too long or else you'll end up like me!!!

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