Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I do Still Knit

Really, I do. It just seems like I don't. Actually if I were telling the truth, I'd say I haven't been knitting much this past week or so. I haven't been doing much of anything actually. Well, no that's lie... I've been doing some secret sewing. Secret sewing is sewing projects that I can't talk about cause well you know who might be reading!

Anyways, on a more exciting note, and hopefully one that's helping me get my mojo back..... SOCKAPALOOZA 4 has begun!!! Ok, seriously. I am so excited about this, it's unreal. Imagine how cool it is that there is a sock swap going on that has over a thousand participants, in 26 countries in the world. I think it's pretty cool. I missed out on the last Sockapalooza, and was so bummed. I stalked the blog and ooohh'ed and ahhh'ed about all the socks, and all the fun.... So, I did not miss this round and I'm in! Yay!!! I have my pal, and her sock info and preferences, and now I'm trying to decide on a yarn she will like and then a pattern. I have been stalking her blog, and trying to get a feel for what to do. I'm thinking about getting some Fleece Artist Sea Wool, which I hear is awesome, but now I've also discovered Handmaiden has a new yarn, Mini Maiden, a 50% silk and 50% merino sock yarn. Very luxurious, but I feel like I want to spoil my pal. Pattern wise, I'm not sure yet. I think I may have to have the yarn first, and then decide. I'm not in a rush. the socks don't need to be sent till August, and I do have about a hundred other things to knit and sew first. I've already got an e-mail from the pal who has me!!! I feel so special! She wanted to ask me if I had a favorite Cookie A pattern!!!! Yay!!!! I love them all so much, and I told her any of them would make me happy. Also, it will be so much fun now, checking out the blog and try to guess which socks will be mine. Fun.

My yarn diet is officially over, and not because I lost any of my stash, because I have absolutely zero self control and I just can't stop acquiring yarn. So, it's over. I'm not even going to try any more. What's the point of being on a yarn diet when you make so many exceptions that it just takes more time to keep adjusting the rules, than to just buy the damn yarn and knit it up! I bought more. Last night, I was surfing (my porn as V calls it) yarn sites, and I got the bright idea to call Make 1 Yarn Studio in Calgary to ask if they carried Fleece Artist (see I am trying to source Canadian yarn, and for the best prices!). They actually don't carry it, but I spoke to a really nice person, who just had to start telling me about the new sock yarn that they just got it, and right now there are like 30 yarn crazed knitting ladies (like myself) fighting over it. "Hmmm, really, well, tell me what colors you have, oh yeah, ok yeah, I'll have two of each of those, ya!!!! Grab em, get em..... Oh did you get em? Yes!!!!" - that was me. It was like all of a sudden I was there, in that store, in all of the excitement. Crazy! Yes, I am, and I really think yarn is a disease. But guess what, I don't want to be cured! I love it! I love yarn! So what I got was this:

and this:

Yummy. Blu, and Poppy from Ocean Wind Knits. Yay! and they shipped it to me for free! So, I really gotta get cracking... I have fallen victim to second sock syndrome. Yes, it's true! I finished sock 1 of Roza's Socks last week, and I still haven't cast on. I'm going to start it tonight, I swear just as soon as I stop rambling on..... So here's my goal: I have to finish my Roza's socks, finish my secret sewing project(s), and do some serious scrapping (cause Saturday is National Scrapbooking Day), all by the end of the weekend. We'll see.

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Krista said...

i'm so glad you posted... i can completely empathize with a lack of blogging mojo... my current excuses are "too tired after dealing with the dog" and "neither one of the camera batteries is charged so I guess I can't take pictures of my projects." yes, it's true, i can't blog because of my dog and my camera!

I HAVE been knitting, though, so i'll post those soon. glad to hear that the yarn diet is over - didn't you ever notice that diet has the word "die" in it? Why would you ever focus on something that's all about death? If you need yarn to live..... then yarn on, girl, yarn on!
or.. "cast on?" or "yarn forward"?
i kill me!!
chat soon!