Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Check it Out!

Yay!!!!! The Jane Pullover is done!!! Well, it's been done since Sunday, but I had to block and then actually look somewhat presentable for a picture. It was a very easy knit, the only tricky part was the joining and actually reading and understanding the instructions. I do really like it. It's so different. I do think it's shorter than I had anticipated, but I like it.... with spring, and then summer, I feel like I will wear it lots. It's kinda like a longer, more covering shrug. I haven't decided if I'm into the whole shrug thing or not. I've always thought you have to be stick thin to wear them. Love handles and shrugs are not really ideal in the same ensemble. I have recently lost some weight, including my love handles, so you never know I just might try a shrug. Maybe I'll try one on in a store, before I commit to knitting one. So, after I got all geared up in my new sweater I went out to do some shopping, and, well, it seems I had a bit of a spree. Heee Heee Heee! It was fun, and besides I haven't bought any clothes in ages, and it was much needed after my weight loss. Most of my pants are now 2 sizes too big, and the baggy, saggy bum look is out this season! Oh, and of course I got a new pair of shoes too! I had to get a nice brown pair to go with the two skirts I bought! So, after all that, I'm beat. V and I went for a walk with the doggie, and now I'm flaked out on the couch watching the tube and trying to get my Jaywalkers finished up. I'm so close. I have a long driving day in store for me tomorrow, so I'm even thinking about casting on the Retrograde Sweater tonight, to keep me busy for the drive tomorrow. We'll see.

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Krista said...

it's gorgeous!! it fits you perfectly and the colour is awesome. great job!