Friday, April 13, 2007

Recent Discovery

Yesterday after some work on the Jane Pullover, I decided that I was bored of that, and needed some new knitting stimulation. So I decided that it was time to pull out my skein of Sundara yarn, wind it up, and start my Jaywalker socks. So, of course first step in the process was to wind. Well, I am not so lucky to have a winder. So as I have been doing, I set up on two of my kitchen chairs, and my method of choice is to stand on one of the chairs and wind the yarn into a nice tight neat ball. OH MY GOD, this was the straw that broke the camels back. I AM GETTING A WINDER. Winding one measly 100g skein of sock yarn took me about an hour. It got tangled up, and being so in love with this yarn I was determined to untangle it and not lose 1 inch of the much coveted, and might I add beautiful silky yarn. I was successful, but most definitely frustrated when the winding was complete. I never really thought I needed a winder, as most of the yarn I do use comes in conveniently pre-wound balls, and up to this point have convinced myself that the round ball doesn't really bother me all to much. NOT ANYMORE. I will be searching out one, and hopefully aquiring one in the near future. I am debating now, do I also need a swift??? I'm not sure. I guess I'll check around and see what is recommended. I don't want to have to buy both at once. That will really cut into my yarn and craft money. Maybe that's not a bad thing! So, after I admired the yarn for a while, I cast on for my Jaywalkers. So far I am loving the colorway and how it is knitting up, right now my only concern is yardage, and I really want to sure I'll have enough. I may make them a little shorter, as insurance and piece of mind. I actually prefer a shorter sock anyways. I always find the longer ones fall down (not that I have skinny legs or anything).

Last night was my normal scrappin' group. I went, really not knowing at all what I wanted to do, and actually feeling quite uninspired. I guess the whole winding incident really deflated my creativity. Anyways, after a little looking and flipping through some mags, I decided on a Get Well card for my sisters DB, who had a surgery this week. There it is on the left. It's hard to make manly cards, when you have a real obsession with all the lovely pinks, and girly papers. I am pleased with the result and think it looks good. I'm sure he'll be appreciative of the efforts. I have to get that out in the mail today. Also I made a thank you card. Not sure of the recipient, but you can never have too many cards ready to go. I really have to get some pictures lined up and printed, so that I can do some actual scrapbooking. I'd really like to have an album, just for my coffee table. You know, kinda like a little brag book.

So my mandate for today.... work on Jawwalker sock, maybe a little work on Jane, she's actually very close to being ready for "the special joining technique", which actually scares me a little. Maybe that explains me casting on another project....? It is nice and sunny here, so a few doggie walks are in order, and if I get really ambitious I may wash some sheets and hang them out to dry (we'll see about that!). I'm also seeing a movie in my future tonight as V will be out with his Firefighting cronies. That's all for now, Happy Friday to all!

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Glenna C said...

Unfortunately, I think you do need a swift to go with the ball-winder - or at the very least, the speed of the whole operation is significantly increased with both. I've had just a swift since Christmas and it was convenient to have the swift hold the yarn and not tangle anything, but I still wound the centre-pull ball by hand and it would take about 20 minutes to do a ball. Now that i have a ball-winder ANd a swift, it's lickety split! Only a few minutes of winding for one little yarn cake.

That yarn is a very nice colour, BTW!